About Us


Founded by Joseph Bonacci, Marymount University 96', BA Liberal Arts, Catonsville Community College 94', Criminal Justice, a Private Investigator Instructor, Personal Protection Specialist Instructor, Private Security Instructor, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, American Red Cross Instructor, a Bail Enforcement Agent Instructor, Electronic Security Sales Representative and Electronic Security Technician. Holding three (3) million dollars of insurance, registered in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

We provide services of investigations on individuals and entities; devise and put into operation methods for finding missing persons, documents or goods, reporting upon the habits, character, doings, reliability, credit or financial conditions of any person, firm, association, or corporation.

We have an extraordinary depth of experience and share the vision of our client's needs. With a practical common sense approach, we bring a timely conclusion to all matters, conduct and investigate every legitimate inquiry- whether civil, criminal, social, individual or otherwise.

We evaluate the vulnerabilities and threat potential of any VIP or Dignitary and establish security protocol to protect against attacks or intrusions. This includes a preliminary site survey/inspection of the home/office to determine if technical listening and monitoring devices are present.

With the ever-increasing threat of violence and attacks, we can protect "at-risk" persons, or executives and or even lesser visible persons; we are highly trained and trusted, our staff have intensive technical and operational training required by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Criminal Justice Services, Private Security Section.

We encourage our clients to negotiate a flat rate for most investigative services. We provide a realistic, precise, and cost-effective budgetary proposal for resolving each case. A flat rate agreement provides a peace of mind. There are no surprises: therefore, the client is better positioned to allocate available financial resources.

We provide a realistic, precise and cost-effective proposal for resolving each case providing rate agreements, peace of mind with no surprises. Therefore, you are in a better position to allocate available financial resources.

To verify us or any other firm's legitimacy VA (804) 786-4700, MD (410) 767-1340, DC (202) 671-0500