Expandable Baton BASIC COURSE Curriculum


Minimum 4-Hour Training day:


  • Agency Trainer Introduction
  • Objective of MEB Basic Course Certification
  • MEB Basic Course Paperwork and Course Safety Rules

Definitions & Baton Nomenclature

  • Strong: Hand, Foot and Side
  • Support: Hand, Foot & Side
  • Long End
  • Long Portion
  • Grip Portion
  • Grip End
  • Baton Opening & Closing Procedures

Use of Force Model

Baton Chart

Stance and Patterns of Movement

  • Stance (and balance)
  • Shuffle: Forward and Rear
  • Pivot: Forward and Rear
  • Sidestep: Strong and Support

Baton Grips & Baton Methods of Carry

  • Grip: One Hand and Two-Handed
  • One Hand Carry: Vertical and Outside-the-Arm
  • Two-Handed Carry

Baton Draws

  • Cross Draw
  • Strong Side Draw

Two-Handed Blocks

  • Hight Block
  • Strong-side Block
  • Support-side Block
  • Middle Block
  • Low Block

One-Hand Strikes

  • Forward Strike
  • Reserve Strike

Two-Handed Strikes

  • Jabs: Front and Rear
  • Horizantal Strikes: Strong-side and Support-side
  • Middle Strike

Baton Retention

  • 1 or 2 Hand Grab Defense for One-Hand Grip
  • 1 or 2 Hand Grab Defense for Two-Handed Grip