a social network for photographers

Launched four years ago, VSCO is a dynamic network for photographers and creators, with unique photo grid profiles and an impressive suite of tools for editing.

The app features deep photo filters with natural digital studio space for creators to post and appreciate pictures.

VSCO’s minimal interface design and powerful photo-shooting and photo-editing tools make it an ideal app for photographers. The app is available on both Android and iOS for free, with free sign-up and installation.

Photography enthusiasts can follow Creators on the app, to keep up with their posts, and create their own profile with posted images they’ve taken from VSCO Camera or Phone’s Gallery.

The Discover tab features various images with a search bar to look up images of a particular subject. The collection, however, falls quite short of what is available on Flikr. Users on the app can star, reshare, or send the image to a VSCO contact, just like Instagram.

VSCO Camera offers different features which are available on iPhones more than on Android phones, including letting users choose the focus and exposure points and adjusting the manual settings of ISO, exposure, white balance, and focus. Images can also be saved in raw camera file format as well.

The Camera lacks a zoom feature which is quite essential to shooting pictures, but lets you crop in images after being taken.

Besides basic image adjustments like exposure, contrast, shadow, highlight, and color saturation, users can select parts of the image to edit with spot healing and dehaze.

Users subscribed to the free version will only get access to 10 filters, but sets of filters can be purchased at 99 cents. The crop tool can pick aspect ratios and the rotation will let a slider adjust the photo’s leveling.

VSCO platform will let users can publish pictures on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and others. Users can add a caption and hashtags and decide whether to include location. The Premium version of the app costs $19.99/year with 200 filters and access to various features.


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