Canva competes with Adobe, introduces new features

Design platform, Canva, is introducing a new suite of features and AI-powered design tools, aiming to streamline the content creation process.

Announced at Canva’s Create Event, the new additions will help make content creation easier for users without professional design experience, which could challenge Adobe’s monopoly and ubiquity in some fields.

Canva is adding a new Brand Hub to its Visual Worksuite that will provide tools to help organisations remain close to their brand’s identity. Companies can create Brand Kits which can include company-specific assets like logos, fonts, colors, and design guidelines.

Administrators can ensure their on-brand content created on Canva strictly adheres to design guidelines with additional font and color restrictions. Work produced can be approved by admins on Canva before publishing to eliminate the hassle of saving and re-creating multiple drafts. A new ‘Magic Replace’ tool will replace any asset across all designs with just a click.

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A similar tool, Magic Eraser, will remove anything from an image, while Magic Edit will swap any object in the image and replace it with something else using generative AI. Magic Design will generate a curated selection of personalized templates from any image a user uploads, with an AI-powered copywriting assistant that can generate written content from a text prompt.

Canva has also introduced a tool that will create entire presentations for users using prompts and images, while a translation feature will automatically translate any text in a design to over 100 different languages. Using AI, video footage will be automatically matched with soundtracks without manual edits.

The design company has introduced 953 new fonts and a range of non-workspace-specific tools for their Community. Canva has also introduced a number of feature tools to its platform, and calls itself the “all-in-one” creation tool, challenging Adobe’s tools and its user-friendliness.

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