Four YouTube hacks you cannot miss

YouTube is one of the most commonly used video streaming platforms and has been a source of information, entertainment, and income for many.

If you are an avid user of the platform, here are some tips that can make the experience smoother for you;

1. Using the keyboard shortcuts

If you want to use your keyboard, here are all the shortcuts you should know about.

Spacebar – Play or pause a video

k – Play or pause a video in the player

m – Mute or unmute a video

Left and right arrow – Jump backward or forward for 5 seconds

j – Jump backward 10 seconds

l – Jump forward 10 seconds

, – When the video is paused, skip to the next frame

Up and down arrow – Increase and decrease volume

> – Speed up video playback rate.

< – Slow down video playback rate.

1—9 – Jump to the 10% to 90% of the video mark.

0 – Go to the beginning of the video

/ – Go to the search box

f – Activate full screen

c – Activate closed captions

2. Limit the time spent on YouTube

If you spend hours on YouTube without realising, you can set a reminder to take a break. To do so, open the YouTube app on your phone. Click on the profile picture in the upper-right corner. Tap on Settings and choose General from the list. Now turn on the Remind me to take a break option and set a reminder frequency.

3. Create links that start at a particular time in the video

If you want to skip the intro or a certain length of the video and share the video from where the necessary content starts, click the share option on the video. Check the box next to “Start at:” and type in the time of your choice. Now copy the updated URL and share it with people.

4. Turn on the Restricted Mode

If you want to avoid inappropriate content on the platform, tap on Settings and choose General from the list. Activate the Restricted Mode.

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