Google to finally fix memory usage issue

Popular browser Google Chrome is finally taking a step toward solving the long-standing issue of memory storage in the new Chrome 110 update which will reduce RAM usage by up to 30% and make the browser ‘more efficient’.

In comparison with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, Chrome has struggled with memory efficiency improvement, despite releasing an update that hibernated tabs in the background. First leaked in the 108 version, the update is still rolling out globally for all users.

The Memory Saver will save up to 30% more RAM, by freeing up memory from inactive tabs, and refreshing the tab only when it’s visited. Users will be able to specify which tabs they want to be exempted from the Memory Saver, especially the tabs visited frequently.

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The Energy Saver feature in the update is handy for battery-powered devices running the venerable browser. The feature will be triggered once the device hits 20% battery percentage, automatically limiting background activity and visual effects for websites or the browser itself.

Chrome 110 update is available now and can be downloaded from the Chrome browser or directly from Google.

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