Grimes invites AI artists to use her voice for new music

Canadian pop-artist, Grimes, has asked AI artists to use her voice without copyright consent issues to create new music.

“I’ll split 50% royalties on any successful AI-generated song that uses my voice. Same deal as I would with any artist I collab with,” she tweeted.

The tweet comes right after streaming platforms removed an AI-generated song that used the voices of Drake and The Weeknd. ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ garnered over 15 million listens on TikTok and 600,000 on Spotify, but Universal Music Group (UMG) called for a purge of the song due to copyrights issue.


Grimes however, says she has no label or legal bindings. “I think it’s cool to be fused [with] a machine and I like the idea of open-sourcing all art and killing copyright,” she says.

The artist has already collaborated with mood music startup Endel to launch an AI-generated lullaby app in 2020. She even created “a better baby sleeping situation” for her son, X Æ A-XII.

In 2019, she predicted the end of art at the hands of AI, saying that “Once there’s actually AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), they’re gonna be so much better at making art than us… once AI can totally master science and art, which could happen in the next 10 years, probably more like 20 or 30 years.”

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