Mark Zuckerberg grilled in Meta town hall after layoffs


Meta Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg defended his leadership of the social media giant during a staff-wide meeting Thursday morning two days after announcing the company would be cutting 10,000 workers in a months-long restructuring and downsizing effort.

Zuckerberg was asked a question regarding how employees are expected to trust the company’s leadership after two rounds of layoffs. He said he would expect to be evaluated based on the company’s performance and transparency about its mission but that leaders should be allowed to change their thinking, according to an audio live stream of the town hall obtained by The Washington Post.

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“I would guess that the way people would evaluate whether you trust me and want to work at this company in whether we are succeeding in making progress toward the overall stated goals,” Zuckerberg said in the town hall. “I think a lot of this is about the results we are able to deliver.”

Zuckerberg also talked during the hour-long meeting about why the company announced an organization-wide restructuring and layoff plan four months after the CEO told staffers in a companywide meeting that he didn’t foresee having to make those kind of cuts for the “foreseeable future.”

The CEO said ultimately what changed was that he thinks that the overall economic pressures facing the company will be around for a while and he saw that the November cuts seemed to boost the company’s efficiency.

“But I think it’s a fair question” he said.

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Meta did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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