Pakistani healthcare startup wins $75k award at Harvard

PatientFirst.AI, a groundbreaking healthcare startup from Pakistan, has emerged victorious in a prestigious Harvard University competition, securing a $75,000 prize for its innovative electronic health record (EHR) platform.

The Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge, which seeks to identify and support cutting-edge startups with the potential for global impact, recognised PatientFirst.AI’s vision of revolutionising the healthcare ecosystem for developing nations.

The competition aims to reward startups with innovative solutions to pressing problems and the potential to make a significant impact worldwide. PatientFirst.AI’s lightweight, user-friendly EHR platform caught the judges’ attention, as it addresses the urgent need for better healthcare record management in developing countries where access to adequate healthcare services remains a critical issue.


Fiza Shaukat, co-founder of PatientFirst.AI, shared her thoughts on winning the challenge: “We are incredibly honoured to receive this recognition from Harvard University. It reaffirms our belief in the potential of our platform to improve healthcare access for millions of people in developing nations.”

“This prize will enable us to further develop and refine our solution, bringing us closer to our goal of revolutionising global healthcare,” she said.

The journey of PatientFirst.AI began when Fiza, a former management consultant at Accenture, lost a relative due to misplaced medical records and delayed treatment. Determined to find a solution to this problem, Fiza and her brother, both engineers, began developing PatientFirst.AI. Their determination and entrepreneurial spirit paid off when they won Boston University’s new venture competition, receiving incubation support to develop their prototype.

The startup’s platform is designed to be easily implemented in countries with limited resources and infrastructure. With a potential market of over a billion people and an estimated $80 billion in revenue, PatientFirst.AI is poised to make a significant impact on global healthcare.

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PatientFirst.AI’s business model is subscription-based, allowing healthcare providers to access and implement the platform affordably. This model aims to reduce barriers to entry and promote widespread adoption of the EHR system.

Fiza emphasised the importance of having a supportive network, citing the invaluable guidance they have received from advisors at the Harvard Innovation Lab and MIT professors. As PatientFirst.AI continues to grow, the startup is also considering the formation of a board to help guide its strategic decisions and long-term vision.

With the prize money and growing support, PatientFirst.AI plans to expand its operations, refine its platform, and prepare for a larger roll-out across multiple developing nations. The startup is actively seeking connections with investors interested in the healthcare space and raising their next funding round.

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