Useful Messenger hacks for everyone

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger have become essential communication platforms in today’s fast-moving world.

Over time, Messenger as an app has updated itself enough to satisfy its users and continue engaging them in various ways. If you are not an avid Messenger user, here are some features that might convince you to be one;

1. Play games with friends

If you are bored of a mundane conversation with friends, you can always play online games with them. The best part is that you can do that on Messenger only. With its limited games collection, Messenger allows users to play different games while on call or chat. To do so, call a friend. Tap on the phone receiver icon and expand the menu. Click on the purple and pink 2×2 grid icon and choose a game. The number of people who can play at one time depends on each game.

2. Set reminders for plans

Well, it’s a task to align a hangout plan when everyone in the group has different schedules. However, if you have succeeded in making one and don’t want anyone to forget it, here is the feature for you. Click the four dots in the chat window and select ‘Reminders‘. You can add time, activity and location. Messenger will take the responsibility of sending a timely reminder to all members.

3. Silent group messages

If you want to leave a message on the group but don’t want to disturb anyone at the moment, you can leave a silent message. Before typing any message, write /Silent, add your text, and send it. The message will be sent without giving a notification to the group members. The group recipients will see the message when they open the group chat.

4. Uploading contacts on Messenger

If you want Facebook to suggest connections based on your existing contacts, here is what you need to do. Click on the Chats tab, select your profile and go to People. Now turn on the Upload Contacts option to get the suggestions.

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