Zigazoo launches short-video platform for Gen Z

TikTok-style short-video sharing app, Zigazoo, is launching a platform to target Gen Z specifically.

The new app will be aimed at users aged 13 and above, while their original kids-focused app will remain for Generation Alpha (aged 3-12).

Launching March 25, Zigazoo is invite-only, with a video thread-style platform and no option to comment under video posts. Users can, instead, respond to the video post with a short video of their own.

The company believes the idea helps reduce negative trolling on the platform.

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Zigazoo includes many safety features like private accounts, human-in-the-loop moderation and an algorithm that promotes positivity.

Unlike Zigazoo Kids, this new app won’t require parental consent or supervision, but the app will utilise auto-moderation software.

The Gen Z app will also feature searchable music, and trending sounds and let users make a ‘vibe’ video that others can respond to.

A select group of creators will be chosen to be on the app like the cast of the Netflix show, “That ‘90s Show,” and other popular TikTok creators like Jack Wright, Alana Clements, and actors like Ava Kolker.

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Zigazoo will have a variety of content with entertainment channels as well. Creators are being drawn to the new app because of its toxic-free environment, which dominates many social media platforms, especially TikTok.

According to the app’s Co-founder Zak Ringelstein, “I think there’s a lot coming into view for everyone where maybe there should be a more critical eye [around social media], and there should be a place where people can go and feel good about themselves… We want to see a better social media and less toxic social media, and I think the time is really ripe for this moment. So we’re really excited about our launch.”

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